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Another “notables” list as the end of 2008 nears. Just a little something to look back on the anime scene and mention several series that I think rather noteworthy to share. 

Do keep in mind that this is a rather subjective list as this was solely based on my picks among the series I have seen that aired from January to December 2008 that I feel are notable.

* List order is chronological based on the season when it started airing (from Winter 2007/2008 to Fall 2008.)

Here goes…


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headphones02This will be my first year-end list of anime OP/ED themes which I thought were noteworthy for 2008.  I began posting this list every season since Spring 2008. However, I’ll be including a couple of themes from series that aired from Winter 2007/2008. I simply compiled my seasonal list and re-ranked the songs altogether regardless of the season order (though it’s still noted).

So, this will cover the Winter 2007/2008 to Fall 2008 seasons. Please note that this list is pretty much subjective. It’s ranked into “Top 10” according to my preference, followed by randomly listed titles as “special mention.”

Onto the list!


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Just a totally random music-related entry that I wanted to share. I recently came across this live acoustic version of “19sai” (or Jukyu-sai) by Suga Shikao (OP #1xxxHolic). I found it so awesome that I just had to babble about it here! xD

Yeah, yeah, I might be way late in stumbling across this but I’ll write about it anyway. ;P The original album version is already one of my favorites, but I must say I seem to like this acoustic one even better. His voice is great (as usual), coupled with brilliant guitar riffs. Aside from this, what stands out for me are the violin and cello parts, which I think gave this version a whole new level of goodness and impact. I simply loved it.

P.S. I also think I’ve been listening too much to THYME and Base Ball Bear lately… Heh, but I don’t care because they so rock! 😉

/end of babble

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